Custom Healing Packages

Photo by Robert Spriggs/Hemera / Getty Images

Though all healing packages are customized to the receivers particular needs, we can custom design a healing package for whatever theme, topic or healing project you have in mind. Costs vary depending on the length and intensity of the healing package. Expect that your 1 month package will cost anywhere between $300 & $500, two-month $600 & $800, etc. We can create a package to a set cost amount also.

If you can imagine it, we can design a healing package for it. Begin the process by scheduling a clairvoyant interview with us (contribution is $50.00 which will be deducted from the total cost of the package if you decide to move forward with it). We will author the package and review it with you before scheduling your healings.

Common request have been:

  • A specific life goal or achieving goals in general
  • Chronic physical ailments
  • Mental suffering and torment
  • Emotional blockages, depression
  • Shamanic "soul retrieval"
  • End-of-life preparation
  • Addictions and/or obsessions
  • Heart opening
  • Spiritual awakening and crisis inducing spiritual growth periods
  • Cult deprogramming
  • Family difficulties and toxic agreements
  • Relationship issues / isolation
  • Male energy tune-ups and thriving in a male body
  • Female energy tune-ups and thriving in a female body
  • Entity removal and deprogramming of negative influences

ALL healings are spiritual in nature and do not substitute for medical care. Healing packages can be designed for friends, family or relatives. All work is done remotely and recorded.

You can begin the process by making your contribution for an interview by clicking the button below. If you are new to The Audacious Spirit you will be asked to register with our commerce site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call (813) 419-7077. NOTE: We will attempt to accommodate the time you choose; however, we have to coordinate 3 healers, so we will most likely need to change the day/time.