Remove All Obstacles with Divine Love

Your body and your mind believe everything you say. Your body and mind will instantly strain to make manifest whatever truths or lies they have to work with. Discerning the truth from a lie is everyone's existential task and very much the reason we teach spiritual tools at The Audacious Spirit. But what happens when you get really tired or lost or horribly stuck and unhappy? What happens to your self-affinity and your connection to other people, places and things? Life can become gray, ugly and disconnected pretty fast, and ironically we adroitly "adjust" to the negative climate by doing things to make sure it stays gray, ugly, and disconnected. We never really get to enjoy our lives the way we thought we would or should. Over time we forget how and why we ever got to be this way.

The staff of The Audacious Spirit have decided to offer a Divine Love Healing Package. Together we will focus our healing talents on helping you to overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem, and any other form of self-sabotage. We will work through the lens of The Divine where it is easy to see how perfect you really are. In essence we are saying hello to your unique and original "sins" -- the only sins that really matter ... the ones that cause you to hurt and turn away from happiness.

We came from absolute freedom and to that we shall return. This is the mystery and promise of The Divine. This healing package will be custom designed to set you free. To make your heart feel light again. It will help you to shed the baggage of the past so you can enthusiastically face the future with a fresh outlook and confidence.

You will receive:

1 half-hour reading with all package healers present -- This is an important session where we will look at and agree on what the obstacles to be overcome actually are. We will custom design your healing package pending the results of this reading.

4 Healing Circle Healings - Multiple healers will take on a different aspect of your healing per the customized package assignments.

1-Hour private healing with Maestra Trish Mariani -- Trish will work with universal and Divine energies to bring you into alignment with your native vibration of joy. Trish will also take on whatever specific needs as determined from the initial plan.

1-Hour private healing with Maestro Richard Pozzuto -- Richard will work from a very high vibrational plane to transform obstacles into assets and assist you and those around you in transitioning you into a new level of havingness.

1-hour channeled Question & Answer session with Rev. Ryan Johnson -- Ryan channels different beings that simultaneously give amazing answers while they offer healings.

1-hour Medical Intuitive reading & healing from Rev. Laura Glaser - Laura will work with any physical manifestations of existential and spiritual obstacles to your happiness and ease with the Divine.

1 Graduate Level Reading & Healing -- This reading and healing is performed by staff and graduated clairvoyant students affiliated with The Audacious Spirit. We draw an a body of talented readers and healers world-wide.

If purchased separately, all of these services would be a $680.00 contribution. We are offering this as a package for only $575.00 - a savings of over $100 off the usual contribution rates.

Important! - All healing packages of this magnitude require you to book a half-hour group interview with the healers so we can co-design your package. The contribution for this interview is $50.00. We will design the package and send you the details. If you decide to go forward with the package, we will deduct the $50 from the final cost.

You can request a half hour interview and make your contribution for it by clicking the button below. If you are new to The Audacious Spirit you will be asked to register with our commerce site. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call (813) 419-7077. NOTE: We will attempt to accommodate the time you choose; however, we have to coordinate 3 healers, so we will most likely need to change the day/time.

If you are sure you want this package and are ready to make the full contribution, please use the button below. We will contact you directly to schedule the half-hour interview.