Being in a hospital can be an anxious and stressful time for those having a medical procedure and their loved ones supporting them.  Many of us have negative associations with hospitals,  It's where you went when you or a loved one was in pain, it was that unexpected detour in your life when you broke your arm, or sat fearfully in a waiting room when you were sick in the middle of the night.  Now, perhaps you are faced with needing medical tests or surgery.  You are managing your own anxiety around wanting the procedure and your recovery to be smooth, your families concern for your well being, past traumatic associations with hospitals, and the myraid of people around you in various states of wellness.  And you take all this with you into the operating room.  Whew! 

hat you may not realize is that negative energy can infuse your entire hospital experience.  It can impact your doctors, your nurses, even your abililty to heal yourself.   The good news is all this emotion is ultimately just energy.  In stressful circumstances like medical procedures, sometimes we need help keeping the energy positive and flowing.  When energy flows, you heal.  It's as simple as that.

During a hospital healing, trained group of clairvoyant readers/healers gather to start clearing the energy 30 minutes prior to your surgery. Throughout the surgery itself, we will be cleansing the operating room to create a positive envirnoment for the hospital staff to work in and for you to begin to recover.  We also watch and heal the energy of your family and any energy from the hospital (in general) that may adversely affect your ability to heal yourself quickly.  The session is recorded so you may to listen to it at a later time.   We assist you in letting your hospital experience be a time to get help, get healthy, and get on with your life.