Your Year… Your way

Healing Package Offerings for your Do-Over-Make-Over-Get-Over-It-All 2019 Journey into reality


You decide…

The most basic offer is simply a straight up 20% off anything you want. This rare, 1-time-use-only coupon code will give you 20% off absolutely anything we offer (except classes & already discounted package offers). You decide with coupon code MY20. Simply use this coupon code during checkout and 20% will be taken off the total.


A New Do For a New You Package

This bargain package is designed to give you ample support for a little bit of money. You will get:

2 Healing Circle Healings
1 half-hour reading/healing with Trish
1 half-hour reading/healing with Richard

All for $149!!!


You’re gonna Make it after all Package

Love is all around, no need to waste it. You can never tell, why don't you take it. You're gonna make it after all… How about a little more oomph to get you where you’re going. Whether you’re jump starting something new or finishing up something you already began, this package will see you to the finish line.

3 Healing Circle Healings
1 One-hour Reading with Richard
1 One-hour Reading with Trish



I did it my Way Package

Lessons learned. That’s what mistakes are for. We all make ‘em, and it’s how we all get smarter, better and stronger. Whatever your goal, you absolutely should do do it your way. This package will support you every step of the way, on your way… your way.

You will get:

3 Healing Circle Healings
1 One-hour reading/healing from Trish
1 One-hour reading/healing from Richard
1 One-hour reading/healing from Elizabeth Lund
1 One-hour reading/healing from Nick Lavorato



Your solstice self Package

This one we will custom design. Expect to put a few months in working with our readers and healers to help you emerge from this Winter ready to take on a new year.

$1,100 - (more or less… it’s up to you) A healing package interview must be scheduled after purchase.