Richard has done thousands of readings and healings over the years, and has mentored students who have gone on to becoming great teachers, leaders and people in general. Richard is a licensed minister and can perform life-transition ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, house and business healings for people of any belief system. He is also a a certified holistic healer and bodyworker in addition to being a teacher of Level IV Vibrational and Shamanic healing.

Selecting the booking button on the right will take you to our online store where you can register, pay and even schedule your appointment. Appointments can be scheduled from noon to 6pm (ET) Monday through Thursday. If you need a time outside of that parameter, simply schedule a random time anyway, and send Richard an email to contact you for a different time. If you would prefer to correspond with Richard first, you can contact him via email at richardp@audaciouspirit.com or by phone/text message at (239) 537-6001.

About Maestro Richard

Maestro Richard is a co-founder and president of The Audacious Spirit and has been doing professional readings and healings for over 10 years. Richard is the former Director of both the Deja Vu Online Psychic Institute and The Berkeley Psychic Institute both in Berkeley, California. He most recently assisted in the founding of Spirit is Calling - a new, advanced psychic training school created by Rt. Rev. Carmen Figueras. Richard also brings a wealth of life experience to both his reading and healing spaces and he is always a student of life and its inherent strangeness. He is supremely privileged to be teaching others about spirituality.



Last night I had a student reading. The accuracy and the symbolism they were shown was spot on!! The reading left me with a clearer understanding of my life and what is holding me back. I was also given tools to help me move through the issues at hand. Feeling incredibly grateful as I assimilate all of this important information. I appreciate the honesty and frankness of the reading. I was looking for answers and guidance and it definitely was given to me! Thank you Richard and the two students who did the reading. With Love and Gratitude, Emma

Richard and Trish are great... different in their own ways. Trish helped me work with my son who passed away and she was incredible. She made the entire process meaningful and I was able to talk with my son as if you were sitting with a translator. In all of my experiences (and I have had many), I have never worked with anyone so talented in this arena. Richard and I work totally different but equally amazing. He helps me with my blocks, both spiritually and business. He also helped me with my son and was wonderful. Richard is like a full armed warrior and Trish is like Mother Earth. I would and have recommended anyone who wants to delve deeper to call them immediately. You will be amazed!

-Dawn Longhi