About Maestra Trish

Reverend Trish Mariani is a co-founder of The Audacious Spirit.  She is an intuitive reader and healer currently living in Portland, Oregon.  She is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI), the seminary of the Church of Divine Man. Trish brings incredible insight and depth into her readings not just from her clairvoyant training, but from her vast life experience as world traveler, corporate executive, and passionate seeker of wisdom. 

Although Trish has had "the gift" since childhood, she began to expand and use it professionally after her association with BPI.  Trish considers her clairvoyant reading practice as ‘spiritual counsel.'  It’s an opportunity to call out the energies affecting and influencing an individual so he/she may have more freedom to see their own true path and experience joy. She reads from a place of validation and uses everyday language to explain the profound. Often the people who find her are in the midst of a major transition or cross roads.  Trish offers private professional readings and clairvoyant healings that can be done in person, by phone, or Skype.

Selecting the booking button on the right will take you to our online store where you can register, pay and even schedule your appointment. Appointments can be scheduled from noon to 6pm (ET) Monday through Thursday. If you need a time outside of that parameter, simply schedule a random time anyway, and send Trish an email to contact you for a different time.

If you would prefer to correspond with Trish first you can contact her via email at


or phone/text at 916-337-3236.


The purpose of the reading is to offer a powerful "hello" to you as spirit.   Readings typically include communication on the 7 layers of the aura, past life information, spiritual next steps, or a healing if requested.  You are welcome to ask anything you choose such as relationships, family, career, past lives, even asking what is happening with your pet!  Your imagination is the only limit.


"Trish is phenomenal and has such a great sense of humor. Her readings were so insightful, helpful and calming during tumultuous times. I can't recommend her enough." 

- Angela


"I have reviewed the reading/recording about four times now and I have to say I’m absolutely blown away by the surgical precision of your reading. There is so much information given during the read that taking it all in at once is really difficult if not impossible. It comes really fast. It’s too easy to miss all the “juicy stuff” (borrowing your phrase there Trish ). So, recording and re-listening to the info just adds to the AWESOMENESS of the read. You guys do a great job!!”

- Anonymous - Tennesee